Your Guide to Discovering the Healing Powers of Crystals

assorted crystals - Your Guide to Discovering the Healing Powers of Crystals

Crystals have been a popular tool for healing the body, mind, and soul throughout history. Many people believe that certain stones can help channel healing energy to your physical health, while ushering out negative, disease-causing energy.

Whether you’re looking to cure insomnia or simply want to boost your empathy, there’s something about these beautiful rocks that’s hard to resist.


Calcite comes in a variety of colors from clear ice to citrus bright orange and each brings its own radiant energy but all are known to encourage creative expression, wash away negativity, and nurture emotional healing so you can live the life you were meant to. It’s also a crystal that helps to expand your aura and may help you see that things you once thought were impossible are in fact possible.

The Ancient Egyptians were fond of this stone and legend has it they used it to adorn the tombs of their Pharaohs. This crystal is also known as a powerful healer of the endocrine system and may assist in the removal of mucous, alleviating intestinal and gallbladder problems. It’s also a good fertility stone and will assist you in bringing positive thoughts into your life so that you can prepare for conscious conception.

Green calcite is an excellent stone for those on a spiritual journey as it encourages self-love and acceptance of all your flaws, helping you to see that they make you unique and special. It’s also said to stimulate memory and is very helpful in easing frayed nerves, allowing you to calmly and steadily face the challenges of daily life.

All calcites are known to enhance psychic gifts and this is particularly true of pink manganocalcite (Pink Magnesium Calcite). This crystal is often described as the “Reiki Stone” as it’s said to support energy healing modalities such as Reiki and other energetically based healing techniques. It is a crystal that also enables you to amplify and receive greater benefits from other crystals. It’s a fantastic complement to the other crystalline friends you have in your crystal toolkit such as amethyst and citrine.


Carnelian is a powerful orange crystal that helps to unlock your creativity and boost your motivation. It is also known to aid in overcoming jealousy, rage and resentment. As a Sacral and Root Chakra stone, this crystal is a powerful tool to help you manifest your passions in all aspects of life. It also helps to bring stability and structure to your work, bringing you confidence and determination in the workplace. It is believed to help increase success in business ventures, and can be used as a protection talisman against the negative energies of impersonal corporations.

Like a fiery sunset, the bold energy of carnelian attracts and captivates. It is the talisman of explorers, adventurers, and visionaries, who want to see their dreams come true. It is a powerhouse of energy that can give you the courage to face life’s challenges, and allow you to see through the illusion of fear and doubt.

It is said to be a powerful tool for improving communication in all areas of your life. This includes romantic relationships, family issues and even with friends. It is also believed to aid in overcoming shyness and increasing your self-confidence. It is also considered a great stone for those who need a spiritual awakening, as it is believed to increase your sense of purpose and clarity in your beliefs.

Many people believe that crystals have the ability to guide healing energy into your body, ushering out negative, disease-causing energy in the process. While science doesn’t yet back up this claim, it is still an intriguing idea. Some people also use crystals as a way to enhance their meditation and focus. Regardless of what your belief system is, the key to utilizing crystals for healing purposes is to find a practice that feels right for you.


When people think of a gemstone, they usually picture a diamond, ruby or emerald. While those gemstones are beautiful, there’s another gem that is a powerful healer: Tourmaline. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that is found in a range of colors and is believed to possess a variety of healing properties.

Black Tourmaline, a crystalline boron silicate mineral, is one of the most popular types of tourmaline. It’s filled with iron, which is what gives it its rich color and what also makes it a powerful protective crystal. As Ashley Leavy, founder and educational director of Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy tells mbg, black tourmaline offers protection on many different levels.

It is known to balance the yin-yang of your heart chakra, opening it up to a steady stream of healing vitality. It is also considered to be a powerful stone for relationships and is said to promote healing of the heart and encourage self-love.

This is a great stone to have in your home or office if you’re working towards a goal that requires persistence and endurance. It creates a sense of commitment to complete your goals and is said to protect you from dangers along the way.

If you’re bringing this stone into your home, place it in your bedroom near the bed. It’s said to bring energies of love and compassion into your space and to help you be a more understanding partner. It’s also said to help you stay calm during stressful situations. Like all other crystals, it’s important to cleanse and charge your black tourmaline regularly. We recommend using sage or palo santo sticks to remove any negative energy from the stone and to keep it charged with a positive vibration.


assortment of crystals - Your Guide to Discovering the Healing Powers of Crystals

With crystals appearing everywhere on Instagram and at your local yoga studio, you may have considered dabbling in this New Age wellness trend. But before you go out and buy a crystal necklace, you’ll want to know what kind of power these Celestial Stones really have.

The healing properties of crystals are said to stem from their energetic vibration, which can be harnessed through practices like lithotherapy and reiki. Different crystals are believed to have corresponding chakra energies, which correlate to various aspects of your physical and mental health. For example, amethyst is credited with aiding the digestive system, while green aventurine helps the heart. It’s worth noting that, while there’s likely some truth to these claims, scientific studies don’t support them. And while crystals may have some effect on our energy levels (the Curie brothers were the first to demonstrate that putting pressure or changing the temperature of a quartz crystal causes it to emit electricity), their purported healing powers probably have more to do with how you think about and use them.

For instance, a crystal can become even more powerful when you “program” it. Askinosie says to set an intention for the stone—it could be anything from boosting your confidence to cultivating serenity—and then hold it in your hands while thinking of that specific goal. The stone will absorb your intention and become activated, she says.

In addition to helping the body with its balancing qualities, jade also boosts spirituality and promotes lucid dreaming. It’s also known as a stone for money, as it encourages wealth and prosperity. And while it’s not the most effective for relieving physical pain, it can help alleviate discomfort caused by injuries and illnesses by regenerating the bones and joints.


As the most commonly used crystal, it’s no wonder that clear quartz is a favorite of beginners and experts alike. It’s an excellent stone for grounding, and is known to support and strengthen the aura’s underlying structure. It’s also said to help you connect with your higher self and other souls. As a powerful protector, it’s believed to shield you from negative energies that may be present in your home or work environment.

As a crystalline amplifier, it’s also known to get along well with other crystals and enhance their healing properties. This makes it a popular stone to include in a crystal grid or altar. Using a wand to channel healing energy or to cleanse your space is another common way that many people use quartz.

You can even use it to help manifest your intentions by holding a piece of quartz in your receiving hand (usually the left). Then, think about what you want and ask the crystal to assist you in bringing those desires to fruition. Then, thank it and keep it near until you see positive results.

Some healing stones are also said to help heal the body from within – this is known as holistic health, and it’s something that we all have the power to access. Quartz is a great choice for this, as it’s believed to strengthen the immune system and encourage physical energy and resiliency.

The most popular place to find and wear quartz crystals is as jewelry – from rings to necklaces and earrings. You can even incorporate them into your daily routine with a set of crystal prayer beads, often called malas, which are worn during meditation and used to count repetitions of mantra or sacred chanting. This practice is a beautiful and meaningful way to add crystals into your life.

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