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Do you have a passion for writing poems, novels, or even short stories? Do you want to contribute to the growing number of inspiring and creative literary pieces? Do you want to be known and be one of the greatest writers of all time?

Let The Plays be an avenue for you to express your creative imagination. The Plays will publish your work which you will earn full credit. We just want to be an avenue for you to deliver your message to the world through these literary forms:


Something lyrical, rhythmic or anything expressed in lines – you can send us your poems about anything under the sun. You can talk about love, peace, and nature.

Short Stories

We also welcome short stories that may talk about human experiences, or events, or even a commentary about the current issues and concerns in the society.


If you have the passion to write the novel or even a novella and want it to reach the world, you can send us your novels. We are sure that your novels are as brilliant as Shakespeare’s.


You can also send us analysis, feedback, commentary, and review of existing literary works. You can read behind the lines of the famous poems or dissect the symbolisms used by Shakespeare’s in his plays.


We also welcome features. You can write about anything related to world literature. You can include trivia, biography or even perspective from fans of literature.