The world literature is composed of millions of literary works all across the globe, written by millions of inspired hands and thought by artistic minds. Through literature, we quest for the unending boundaries of imagination. We journey towards creativity and intellect. Literature brings us stories of the human experiences, cultures, and traditions, historical events, fictional character, fairy tales and more. They are inspired by various themes including love and hatred, kindness and cruelty, friendship and betrayal and peace and war.

In The Plays, you will discover the beautiful world of literature that will provide you a different kind of experience, brought to you by its many forms, styles, patterns, and languages.


Poetry is a popular form of literary art which uses aesthetic qualities and rhythmic patterns to express meanings in lines. Poetry follows certain symbolisms, meters, verses, styles, and rhymes. They talk about cultures, histories, and themes of romance, darkness, nature, and others. One of the greatest expressions of poetry is William Shakespeare’s English sonnets about love and life. Poetry has also taken the forms of songs and psalms.

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The prose is another artistic form of language without formal metrical structure and rhythmic pattern. It expresses its meanings in sentences, and not in lines. It can also talk about various themes and stories. One of the most widely used forms of prose is a novel which is a relatively long, written work of narrative fiction. Among the greatest novels created by mankind is Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quixote. A prose can also take the form of a short story and a novella.


Drama is the most prominent form of literature – constantly transforming to different approaches. Drama is combined with music and dance, and characters with ecstatic and well-thought dialogues. A drama can be a story of a history, but most commonly, it is a play of tragedy and comedy. Among of the greatest works of drama are William Shakespeare’s plays The Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet. They embody the themes of love and hate, with series of twists and distinct turnout of events.

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Journey in our place to discover the works of arts carefully crafted and written by the literary masterminds of all times.

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