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To provide the best information to you about world literature, we gathered some information from some of the most trusted sites that also discuss and support literary works. Visit these sites to widen your understanding of plays, novels, and other forms of literary works.

No Sweat Shakespeare

The Plays is a great follower of Shakespeare’s works. No Sweat Shakespeare help students and scholars of all ages to understand Shakespeare’s language. They provide in-depth articles regarding Shakespeare’s life and times and essays. They also offer features and trivia about the works of Shakespeare.
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Classical Poets

Classical Poets is a 2012 non-profit organization that highlights the art of poetry. They are composed of dedicated and determined poets with the goals of reviving and proliferating the essence of new poetry. They also aim to preserve the artistic traditions of human beings and re-establish poetry as a form of communication and entertainment.
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Britannica is the most popular encyclopedia on the internet. It provides information about everything, including the world literature. If you have questions about the writers and their works, Britannica can give you more than enough information.
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Shakespeare Online

Another website dedicated to the great “Bard of Avon”, Shakespeare online brings the literary works of William Shakespeare, including the plays and poems. They also provide Shakespeare’s biography. Plus, they offer analysis on his works.
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The Millions

The Millions is a website established in 2003 that provides a stream of reviews, essays, and links to literary works and even modern publications. For more than a decade, they managed to be Internet’s #1 literary institution.
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