Interesting Facts to Know About Insulated Garden Rooms – How You Can Upgrade Your Home

Woman using laptop on couch - Interesting Facts to Know About Insulated Garden Rooms – How You Can Upgrade Your Home

An insulated garden room is a comfortable, cost-effective outbuilding. They are insulated to prevent air leakage and are also incredibly durable. Some people use these outbuildings as music studios or as a second homes for pets and children. In fact, they can be so comfortable that they can double as a music studio. And, they are easy to install. Regardless of your preferences, you can find a suitable model for your garden. 

Tempo Garden Rooms  

Tempo garden rooms are designed to prevent air leakage and water infiltration, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors year-round. As a bonus, all TEMO garden rooms come with a lifetime guarantee on parts and materials, and that warranty is transferable to subsequent owners. These rooms are the perfect way to extend your home’s living space into the great outdoors. TEMO garden rooms have an impressive 80,000 BTU/m2 insulated roof and walls to prevent air leakage. 

Tempo garden rooms are made using structural insulated panels (SIPs). These panels are made from timber strand board, or OSB, which provides strength, durability, and insulation to the garden room. The OSB panels also double as the exterior of the building, preventing air leakage from inside. And because SIPs are so durable, you can build them quickly. These panels are pre-cut and delivered to your site, making the building process fast and easy. 

In winter, you’ll appreciate the warmth of a garden office. Traditional garden structures can get unbearably hot during summer. By contrast, a Tempo garden room stays comfortable and cozy in all weather conditions. The 100mm of Kingspan insulation beneath the floor helps keep the building warm even when the temperature drops. It also reduces heat loss through the roof. And since your garden office is located on a sloping site, it will be protected from the elements. 

They are Comfortable Outbuildings 

Woman browsing a book between plants - Interesting Facts to Know About Insulated Garden Rooms – How You Can Upgrade Your Home

An insulated garden room can be a comfortable outbuilding for a number of reasons. It provides extra space for a variety of purposes, from hobbies to an office. They should be able to provide a comfortable environment year-round without increasing heating bills. Green Retreats’ garden buildings can be installed in as little as two to five days. What’s more, they rarely require planning permission and are usually built under permitted development rights. 

A quality insulated garden room will focus on preventing heat loss and have its own heating source. There are many types of “insulated” garden rooms, but the quality varies significantly. This can affect both the usability of the room and energy bills. Look for thicker, better-quality insulation for optimum comfort. Then, make sure to choose a builder with a proven track record. 

They Can Be Used as Music Studios 

If you are thinking about using your garden as a music studio, there are many benefits to using an insulated room. You can make any outdoor space a music studio, without having to worry about obtaining planning permission for a building. Insulated rooms are also easy to build, and don’t require any structural changes. Whether you are planning to record in your garden or just want to use it for other purposes, a music studio will provide you with a peaceful space for creating your music. 

There are a number of reasons to construct an insulated room, including soundproofing. Sound travels through air, walls, floors, ceilings, and drywall. While it might be easier to soundproof an outdoor room, the process also reduces the size of your music studio. You may also want to cover the floor with thick carpeting to help absorb sound and reduce the size of your music studio. 

Insulated garden rooms are also designed to offer exceptional acoustic performance. In fact, some insulated rooms can be used as music studios, freeing up valuable home space for other uses. As well as being soundproof, insulated garden rooms can be built with acoustic glass, acoustic fabrics, and foam tiles. Some even include egg boxes on the walls. 

They are Cost-effective  

In addition to being affordable, insulated garden rooms with installation are environmentally-friendly and can be built with a smaller carbon footprint than a stick-and-brick home. SIPs are panels made of a rigid foam core sandwiched between two pieces of timber strand board, also known as OSB. These panels are also strong and durable, serving as the exterior of the building while providing excellent insulation. The panels are easy to install and require less construction time than traditional stick-and-brick methods. They also use less energy, leaving much less waste on the construction site. The panels are pre-cut and delivered to the site, which reduces the number of pieces of wood or other materials needed for construction. 

Garden rooms can be built to complement your home’s architectural style. You can incorporate a living roof, DIY living walls, or both to give your garden room a natural feel. These rooms can also serve as an excellent habitat for wildlife and are an economical way to add value to your home. You can also upgrade your garden room to include a high-mass acoustic option. For more information, contact a local specialist for an estimate and installation. 

Prices for a standard four-meter-by-three-meter garden room with installation typically start from PS20,000. However, the quality of the insulation will affect the final cost. In some cases, the insulation is inferior to that of a home and may cost several thousand pounds. Installation takes around one to two hours. The cost of doors and windows can vary from cheaper uPVC frames to expensive hardwoods. 

They Can Vary in Sizes and Types  

The construction of insulated garden rooms includes a solid roof, fitted with a downpipe at the rear, and the use of interlocking timber floor sections for the walls. The roofs are insulated to provide insulation against the cold, and the timber floor sections are crafted from heavy-duty tongue and groove timber floor boarding. The insulated wooden flooring is installed with pre-painted wooden skirting boards and a full-height apex window to provide natural lighting. 

If you are planning to live in the garden room for some time, you may want to separate the space with an internal or external door. Using partition walls allows you to divide the space easily. You can use one or both walls to store tools, bicycles, and garden machinery. If you want to increase the acoustics of the room, you can also opt for a high-mass acoustic option. 

The size of your garden room will determine the materials that you will need to build it and the overall cost of construction. Some garden room designs may require planning permission, so make sure to check with your local planning authority before you start building. In many cases, garden rooms are allowed under Permitted Development rights, but you should check the building regulations in your area. If you have a small garden, you may be able to save money by building a log cabin instead. 

Need to see different sizes and types of garden rooms? Visit Garden & Rooms for some examples.

They are Easy to Install 

Unlike traditional conservatories, insulated garden rooms are easy to install and maintain. Most of them are made from timber lattes and external timber cladding and come with an internal air vent, waterproof membrane, and thermal insulation. The walls of garden rooms also include a plasterboard finish and double air vents for preventing condensation. Insulated garden rooms are fully compliant with Building Regulations. Some types of conservatories can also be converted to high-mass acoustic rooms. 

Depending on the style of conservatory you’ve chosen, insulated garden rooms are typically prefabricated off-site and then delivered to your property. Most of them are installed within five days and don’t require planning permission. Prices are inclusive of internal electrics and foundations. There are no hidden costs when you buy a garden room from us. The roof of an insulated garden room is made from Kingspan’s interlocking thermal roofing system, which provides the ultimate in durability and a durable, fireproof structure. 

An insulated garden room can cost as little as PS20,000, which includes the installation and double glazing. However, it may cost more, if you decide to fit electrical and heating systems, and if you choose to decorate or furnish the room yourself. You can also opt to build it yourself for a cheaper option. A cheaper option may be a traditional wooden summer house, which you can build yourself if you have the time. Obviously, you’ll only be able to use it in warmer weather, so insulated garden rooms are highly desirable. 

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